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Terms and Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policy

These are the general terms and conditions and the privacy and cookie policy of Mailbook ( and operated by Ymedia Ventures B.V.. By using our website you agree to these conditions. Read this carefully before you use Mailbook.

Protecting your privacy and maintaining data security are our primary concern. Instead of a complex legal explanation, we have set out our policy in our own words:

  1. Mailbook offers a free service where users can create an address book ("Mailbook") where friends, family and acquaintances (Friends) can be invited to add their address details. The owner of a Mailbook can view, store, and export all these address data.
  2. When you visit Mailbook with your browser (on desktop or mobile) we store the following: your IP, from which page you come from (Referral), the properties of your browser and which Mailbook pages you visit. If you are logged in, we also save your "user id".
  3. When you create your own Mailbook account we store the information you provide in our database. We create a public page for each user under the name, e-mail and title you specify, where Friends can add their address details. These address details will then be saved in your Mailbook. After registration you will receive a welcome e-mail to your e-mail address with the link of your personal page.
  4. If you choose to receive notifications when adding new addresses, you will also receive e-mails in the frequency you specify.
  5. When specifying and adding address data to a Mailbook, these are stored in our database. The personal data provided can only be viewed and further processed by the Mailbook account owner.
  6. If you send the link from your personal page to your contacts and invite them to enter their address details, they will see your name and e-mail address at the bottom of this page.
  7. The Mailbook developers can view stored address details for technical purposes. Only when strictly necessary.
  8. If a contact has filled in his / her address details, they will receive an e-mail from Mailbook containing the address details provided and the option to edit or delete them (at a later time).
  9. Mailbook has invested to protect the data of our users. We use a so-called Content-Security-Policy against XSS, mandatory https connection to intercept data, and encrypt addresses before we store them in our database.
  10. Mailbook never shares the address details of its users with third parties.
  11. To improve our product we use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors and the way they use Mailbook. For this the following tracking cookies are placed: _ga, _gat, __ut[...].
  12. For marketing purposes we may place cookies for remarketing services by Facebook (privacy policy) and Twitter (privacy policy). Review their linked privacy policy.
  13. Do you want to stop Mailbook? If you are signed in, you can delete your Mailbook in your menu via "Settings". We then delete your Mailbook, your details, the link to your personal page, and all address details of your contacts.

If you have any questions, please contact